The Cultural Centre of the Sea APS is a way to defend of our marine heritage.

The Cultural Centre of the Sea is an example of environmental sustainability and an opportunity to raise awareness among the inhabitants of Manfredonia and nearby about the importance of the environmental conservation of their local area. The marine environment of this important gulf and all the Gargano area is also an example of biodiversity.

The Cultural Centre of the Sea has been involved for years in the preservation, protection and respect of such an inestimable resource ( which is also an important resource for the economy of fishing and tourism) so tourists can enjoy their trip and visit this wonderful area.

This is also an opportunity for the inhabitants and the Institutions to show how much we care about our country envied by all the world! It’s a demonstration of environmental awareness, conservation of our environmental heritage and love for the future of our children.

Guido Pietroluongo Translated by Pia Grasso

The icon has been designed by the architect Luigi Scuro, it ‘s made of four symbols and it shows the relation between the human and natural aspect.

The first symbol is the historical stele daunia that was introduced and developed during the first millennium BC and later adopted by the roman empire. The stele is the distinguishing feature of an ancient community that needs to discover in its past a present to pass on to other generations, here the meaning of the shield under the sail.

The white sail shows the connection between man and fishing , a relevant activity for his sustenance. It represents the development of arts, sailing and fishing which is the main feature of the Mediterranean population.

The stele and the sail results from an evolution during many centuries shown by the sun which is represented by a yellow circle. The sun also symbolizes the evolution of the knowledge of the connection between the man and the sea.

The sea with its blue wave, the coast that it flows through and creates the gulf, represents the geographical area where we were born.

Franco Sammarco Translated by Pia Grasso

The Cultural Centre of the Sea: an association of social promotion

The 20th of November of 2007, It has been set up a non for profit Association called “The Cultural Centre of the Sea” with its headquarter in Via Gargano n. 42 in Manfredonia.

The 23rd of February 2012, the partner’s meeting approved to change the social denomination in “The Cultural Centre of the Sea” association of social promotion.

1) The association has an unlimited duration .

2) It ‘s a non-profit association with the aim of doing social activity for the partners and the others respecting their freedom and their dignity.

The associations works in the following fields:

  • Promotion of cultural aspects of the sea
  • Preservation and evaluation of the environment, nature and the sea
  • Promote meetings among young people
  • Promote activities for disabled people

The association will organize the following activities:

  • a) Organization of cultural activities in order to raise awareness about the “culture of the sea” and many marine traditions about it: seminars, conferences, exhibitions, excursions, newspapers, gadgets and educational film about this topic;
  • b) Promote the research about the flora and fauna of Manfredonia and wildlife reserve such as dolphins, turtles cooperating with universities and private and public institutions that pursuit the same objectives;
  • c) Promote didactical activities in order to raise awareness about the environmental problems and a balanced relation between man and nature;
  • d) Cooperate with the Institutions responsible for the preservation of the environment according to the national and international law;
  • e) Supporting projects for the environmental preservation;
  • f) Promote the implementation of the museum of the sea in Manfredonia;
  • h) Cooperate with Institutions and associations in order to preserve and rescue wildlife animals such as turtles and cetaceans;
  • l) Set up laboratories in order to help young people to communicate and exchange their opinions about this topic.

3) The association can work with public and private institutions that pursue the same aims but still maintaining its independence. Through this collaboration it can do economical and commercial activities.

4) The members of the association are: the partner’s meeting, the President, the council and the garantors.
The President is in charge for the legal representation.

5) The partners have to pay an annual fee and participate in the activities organized by the association.

6) Anyone who wishes to become a member of the association can apply to the President after reading its rules and its objectives and he confirms to participate to the activities as well.
The President after receiving the list of the people who want to enter the association decides who can become a member according to his motivations.
The application can be rejected if the motivations don’t correspond to the aims of the association.
The rate is not reimbursable.

7) All the members of the association have the same rights according to the principles of equity and democracy.

Translated by Pia Grasso

Giovanni Simone
Cell. +39 347 6403693

Vice presidente
Matteo Starace

Michele Tomaiuolo